Paradox Module

Canada and USA Paradox alarm system allows adding plug-and-play modules anywhere and in any combination on the 4-wire combus to enhance function capability. Paradox security alarm panel can be upgraded to have voice alarm, email and SMS notification by adding the necessary communication modules.


-Calling up to 5 telephone numbers to notify owner triggered zones
-Arm/disarm the alarm system remotely via telephone


-Controlling and monitoring alarm from any web browser with internet connection
-System will sent email notification to owner during alarm event
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-Alternative dialer to call to CMS for alarm reporting in the event of main telephone line failure
-Arm/disarm by sending a text message (SMS)
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Accessories Supporting peripheral to DIGIPLEX system. Allows you to add more zones using wireless Paradox’s sensors. Support MG-2WPGM, MG-RPT1, 1 PGM and signal strength display. Also act as receiver for MG-REM15 and REM2 remote control.


For on-site printing of all event. Built-in 1 on-board PGM output.