PA system

AEX System products are currently installed in over 800 locations, forming the cornerstone of high quality sound systems in some of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated buildings in the world. With a solid background in research and development, state-of-art production and marketing facilities, and an impressive presence in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand, AEX System continue to take the lead in audio communication globally.

Input Sources
input source

  • Handheld Microphone
  • Desktop Microphone
  • Remote Paging Console
  • Digital Source Player
input source

  • Vectus VN Series
  • Distributed Network PA system
  • Vectus VL Series
  • Centralised Network PA system
  • Vectus VEB Series
  • TCP/IP Based Network PA system
Signal Management & Pre Amplifier
input source

  • Mixer Amplifier
  • Programmable Preamplifier
  • Modular Mixer
  • Digital Matrix
  • Early Evacuation System
  • Integrated Signal Manager
Power Amplifier
input source

  • Mixer Amplifier
  • Power Amplifier
input source

  • Celling Loudspeakers
  • Wall Mounted loudspeaker
  • Hom Loudspeaker
  • Column Loudspeaker
  • Foreground Loudspeaker
  • Subwoofer Unit
Control & Monitoring
input source

  • Automatic Changeover Unit
  • Amplifier Monitoring Panel
  • Line Supervisory Unit
  • Loudspeaker Line Selector
  • Audio Attenuator
  • 5A Regullated Power Supply