About Us


M-Tech Engineering Group., was incorporated in May, 2012 and in the relatively short period of time since its inception, it has established itself as a major supplier and system integrator of eight major electronic systems, namely, telecommunication system, security system, time management system, energy saving system, conference system, professional audio system, home automation system, industrial electronic system and engineering services in the Myanmar Country.

M-Tech Engineering Group was organized to be responsive to the emerging new technologies in the electronic industry by constantly monitoring new updated products and services fitted to the needs of the customers, establish new product lines for value added services of the service providers.

We are Professional Consultant, Systems Integrator and Distributor for more than 200 professional manufacturers from UK, USA, Japan, Taiwan and China for large and small business, governments, individuals, school and contractors in all over the world. Technology Research and Developing is handled by a member of our Professional Engineer and Business Advisers from England, most of whom also work as Professional Business Leaders and Engineer in England.

We offer the best competitive pricing for our products and unbelievable fastest service of product lines you won’t find anywhere else.